Stock photos: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

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Are you a photographer, graphic designer, and artist or even in marketing?

If you have ever had a project that needed to have some fancy artwork or graphics to make it really stand out or highlight a point you want to make. Stock photos are a great resource that can be utilized to accomplish this goal. There are many sites out there that can provide you with amazing high-quality pictures, most are free, that you can use in your presentation or proposal. Even the simplest things like a poster of office ethics can be made far more interesting than some text printed in comic sans bold. These are a few places that can offer you some great pictures and videos for use without royalty.

Whether you are creating a new website, landing page, presentation, emailing proposals, blogging for social media or just looking for something that can tie your work together and add a bit more professionalism to it stock photos are exactly what you should be looking for.

Finding them is really not that hard, since I gave you a head start, and using them is also straightforward. It goes without mention that many photos are royalty and attribution free but you should at least mention the site you acquired the images from to be respectful and polite. Doing this will save you a headache later on of someone taking legal action against you for theft of intellectual property.

There are many places that provide high quality paid images, but be warned that these are not cheap and usually come with clauses. Licensing is a big issue when dealing with FREE stock photos, many places have very specific rules and guides to dealing with them and if you are not careful then these pictures can quickly turn into expensive bills. Most pictures can be used without any attribution and can be used privately or commercially but you should always check or get permission when dealing with any work that is not your own. The creative common public domain regulation was set up for this exact reason, under this law you can utilize any material you want in any way you want free of cost or legalities. A side note to this law is corporate branding. The CCPD law only applies to the actual picture you have, if you use something with the Apple or Samsung logos or have a vehicle that clearly shows BMW or Mercedes Benz you can get into hot water not from using a picture with their logo on it, not the picture but just the branding… keep these things in mind when using anything.






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