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About Vital Virtual Assistance

Running a business is no easy feat, especially by yourself. Even if you got help it usually means having to put in the long hours to work the business into shape. Having to hire new staff also costs money and it already stings having to pay people money every month for time that they are not being productive. Having that person that you can rely on to help when you need it most. Say you have a meeting or appointment and have work to be done, that is where we can help. We don’t have a meeting or appointment so we can do that work for you. 

About The Founder

Chantell is that no-nonsense type of person at work. We work hard because we respect you as the client enough that we want you to be proud of our work. Working from home and being our own boss means we get the opportunity to implement technology in our own way and adapt things to suit you. While other companies are looking at their own image and using you to grow their brand, we want to plant a seed in your work and let it blossom into a forest. Chantell is the boss. Plain and simple. She calls the shots and as a result, has a world on her shoulders. She comes across cold sometimes but that is her way of cutting away the fat and presenting you only the most tender cut to satisfy your appetite for success. Chantell wants to establish a reputation and has worked very hard to achieve this. She worked as a customer service rep many moons ago and has stayed in the industry in constantly evolving roles. Many clients have chosen us based on word of mouth and we would love the opportunity to roll off your tongue to all you meet, in a good way, of course, however, any dis-satisfaction is not tolerated and dealt with as quickly as possible.

Chantell demands the best and that shows in the equipment. Armed with 8 cores @ 4.2 GHz with 64 GB of RAM and enough graphics power to choke a horse. She commands her battle station and has her infantry of soldiers including a 25Tb Storage server to provide a light dimming level of power draw. The combined computing power of a small office building is at her disposal as well as the group of professionals she calls her team.

The rest of the Team


IT Specialist and VA


Receptionist and VA